Canines Can Do was started by Dorice Stancher, longtime dog-lover and certified pet dog trainer (CPDT-KA). Dorice wanted to share her passion for training and connecting with dogs in a way that builds a solid relationship and brings out the best in them.

Her approach is positive and motivational, and her dogs have won many national and international awards, including nominations for the AKC ACE award, and the NJVMA for her work with therapy dogs. For the past 10 years, Camp Dream Street (a camp for children with cancer sponsored by Hackensack University Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital) has used her services to screen, evaluate and train dogs for this very special program. She is vet recommended and has written for the AKC,  WebVet, BC the Magazine, U.S. Figure Skating and many other publications.  She has appeared on Channel 12’s “The Pet Stop” with Dr. Voynick and helped to turn the American Cancer Society’s regional Dogswalk Against Cancer into a national event.

Dorice has participated in a wide variety of activities with her dogs including kayaking, skijoring, stand up paddle boarding and more.  She just can’t stand leaving them home and strives to include them in her favorite activities even if this includes a shopping trip or dining.  After all, they really are the best companions.

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Dock Diving is Wet, Wild and Wonderful!

Here are a few tips to get started in Dock Diving, the new AKC sport that is soaring in popularity across the country.

Dorice Stancher, CPDT-KA CaninesCanDo, llc 2019®

  • Does your dog like to swim? Since this sport involves water it is important to have your dog be comfortable swimming even if at first with a floatation vest. Take time to introduce gradually accompanying you into the water allowing your dog to make the choice to go further. Bring a favorite toy and encourage him to paddle. This can be exhausting so monitor exertion. Be sure to make these sessions fun and offer a lot of encouragement.
  • Is your dog play driven? In Dock Diving dogs you simply throw a toy for your dog and encourage your him to jump after it. The toys should be both irresistible for your dog and also the right size for him to retrieve. The dock dog’s jump is measured from the where the base of his tail hits the water to the edge of the dock.
  • Does size matter? In Dock Diving dogs into classes by both height and distance jumped. Dogs under 16″ are placed in the Lap class. Within this class there are the Novice, Junior, Senior, Master and Elite all determined by the length of the jump. Dogs above 16″ compete in the Open Class. Within this class there are also sub classes determined by the jump distance. There is also a Veteran’s class for dogs over 8 years of age. There is also an Air Retrieve event where dogs jump and grab a suspended article.
  • Where can I go to get started? There are “Try It” opportunities at some local events which can be found on the North American Diving Dogs NADD website. Many facilities also offer lessons and practice time. For more information on rules and events visit their website at northamericandivingdogs.com
  • Does my dog have to be a certain age to compete? Dogs six months and older can compete in dock diving. Even older dogs enjoy the sport. The atmosphere is supportive and competitors encourage one another to bring out the best in their dogs. It’s wet and it’s a lot of fun.

Dorice Stancher, CPDT-KA and her petite 16″ at the withers Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier bitch have qualified for the AKC Nationals 2016-2018 and placed in the top 10 in the Dock Junior (Veteran) division. She is the first of her breed to compete in the sport and at almost 10 continues to work toward her Dock Junior Excellent title.

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