Preventing Dog Bites and Having Fun During the Holidays

The holidays are fun and yet stressful for both humans and their dogs.  Even good dogs that never had a history of aggression can bite if pushed to their limits.  Here are some suggestions to stay safe this holiday season.

Prevent stress for you and your dog with regular exercise and mental challenge

When the weather turns cold and our schedules become full often the first thing to go is exercise.  This does not include letting the dog out to go potty and then allowing back in.  We are talking about a real walk with some training involved including waiting at the curb before crossing. If this is not possible move the activity inside.  You can use balance boards, pedestals and other equipment to give your dog a workout. Here is a link to Fit Paws which has an entire line of exercise equipment for you and your dog You can also teach your dog tricks which require a minimum of space and helps with both obedience and mental challenge. Here is a link to the “Do More With Your Dog” program

Know the signs of stress in your dog

If your dog is to be a part of the activities make sure that he is comfortable and does not show signs of stress which includes turning away,  yawning, lip licking, stiffness, “whale eye”, and growling. It is important to know when your dog is stressed and to provide space and boundaries.

Control all interactions especially with children

If your dog is comfortable greeting visitors but is a jumper wait until he is calm and then put on his leash, grab some treats and practice friendly greetings without jumping.

Never leave the dog alone with children and set the ground rules regarding human behavior and interaction. These might include not allowing interaction with the dog while sleeping or eating. Here are some great suggestions for setting guidelines with children.

Better yet if your dog is not comfortable with children give them a break and provide a safe space for them where they will not be disturbed. You can add music as a noise filter, provide them with a stuffed Kong and the security of their crate. In between the festivities be sure to give them a break to go potty.

Use a gate or crate to prevent door dashing

With so any guests arriving it can be an easy opportunity for your dog to sneak out of the house.  Think about your management plan and either use gates or a crate to keep your dog from escaping.

Prevent a visit to the vet

Often well meaning guests may try to feed your dog from the table or sneak your dog a forbidden item. Here is a list of the foods that can be toxic to your dog.  Be sure to share your concerns with guests and remove your dog from where the food is both being prepared and served to avoid counter surfing.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

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